Friday, June 1, 2012

drinking weather is upon us.

despite my love of kitchen experimentation, my history with mixology is decidedly sparse. so imagine my surprise when i managed to put together a damn-near perfect beverage last night. it's been done, certainly not too new or exciting, but here's my tasty version of a bourbon mojito:

The Fruitcake Ambush Bourbon Mojito

2 oz good quality bourbon (i used Black Maple Hill because it's my favorite)
2 oz fresh lime juice
2 oz water (still or sparkling, your choice)
1 spearmint sprig (homegrown, if you've got it)
1 tbsp raw sugar
ice, crushed if you're so inclined, and i am

firstly, if you intend to take your summer drink making seriously, it would behoove you to acquire a muddler. you will need this piece of equipment for some of the best hot weather cocktails, specifically (because it's one of my favorites), the caipirinha.

moving on, take your new muddler, mint, sugar and a Collins glass and start muddlin'. you don't want shreds of mint, so just do this enough to release some of the plant's oils.

add your ice to fill the glass, add your liquids, stir with the iced tea spoon you should all have (i have a southern grandmother), savor, repeat. best enjoyed on a wraparound porch with fragrant night-blooming flowers nearby.